Here you will find our listing of web resources assisting the educational use of the Apple iTouch technology

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Some examples of iTouch Apps available

Total number of apps that can be on the iPod Touch - 140, across 9 screens. with 4 apps in the dock.
Apple's description page of the iPod Touch - scroll to the bottom, it contains a neat interactive app "chooser".

Link: Top 50 iPhone [iPod Touch] Apps for Educators
Link: List of iPhone [iPod Touch] Apps for Education by Planeten Paultje
Link: Mr. Williamson's blog concerning iPod-Touch 1:1 project
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Link: Syncing your G-Cal with the iCal app on the iPod-Touch / iPhone
Link: Google Apps for iPod-T
Link: iPod and iTouches in the Classroom by @musictechie
Link: Twitter user (Scott Meech) IEAR [Reviews of iPod-T apps for education)
Link: "ThumbTacks" - Very cool mini mic for iPod-Touch 2G+
Link: Blog post about school-wide iPod-T implementation
Link: iPod/iPhone Apps for Education
Link: Create an iTunes App Store account without a credit card
Link: What's Wes Fryer running on his iPod-Touch?
Link: Scott Meech interviewed me about iPod-Touches
Link: "iPod Classroom" wiki by @itrt
Link: 20 Fantastic iPhone apps for Parents
Link: iPod Literacy
Link: General Advice for using iPod Touches in Education