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This was a 2006 TED presentation. TImes change very quickly after viewing the video to the left.

RSA animation: an effective use of hand sketching and digital animation based on a Ken Robinson lecture.

An Australian band Bliss Neso creaeted this video lip using the convergence of music, grafitti art and digital animation.

I received this from Edumail IT Apps List ...

This is where web design is probably/possibly going... and it's just too cool not to share. Estimated release of HTML5 is 2012. This is a Google prototype. You may have issues with browser compatibility - it works fine in Chrome (predictably) and Safari, but seems to be unstable or cause problems in Firefox and IE. Haven't tried any others yet, nor have I tested extensively. Enjoy.... but remember that this is a prototype example

Here's my movie based on Melbourne:

Latest News: apparently works fine in Firefox 3.6.8.

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