Considering Evidence Protocol

Each presenter presents evidence that relates to their success indicators/s and responds to three prompts:

1. What evidence did you gather related to your success indicator/s?
2. How does this evidence reflect the extent to which this success indicator is currently demonstrated by students?
3. What are the implications for teaching and learning? (5 mins)
Deeper Understanding
4. Questions of Clarification – presenter answers briefly (3 mins)
5. The group asks probing question (see below) in relation to implications for the presenter researcher. Presenter listen and takes notes … no comments (3 mins)
6. Personal reflection time (all is quiet) (1 min)
7. Considering multiple perspectives
Each person (not presenter) in the group offers their perspective ‘If I were in your shoes, I might … (3 mins)
8. Presenter has the final say after hearing other perspectives. (2 min)

The whole process should not go longer than 17 mins or there abouts. Definitely not over 20 minutes. The Evidence Process was originally sourced from Project Zero, Harvard Graduate School of Education