MacKillop ICT Educational Research and Development

No student should be an island ...

Description of Leadership:


" is crucial ... to have innovative teachers involved in research that builds knowledge for the teaching community." Ideaslab 2010
This wiki has been established to compliment the face to face meetings. It has been created to provide a space whereby we can easily communicate and share our research with each and others. We are looking at ongoing research and development into ICTs that support learning.


Each member will be expected to work in three different modes:
  1. collaboratively as a team,
  2. interdependently, working on independent projects but requiring some collaboration and,
  3. individually on projects

The idea is to replicate how we would like our students and teachers to communicate, create and share knowledge. We value these modes of work practice on the premise that they are valued traits in our society and are essential in creating new knowledge.

The actual projects will potentially have qualities that enhance learning and may benefit others. We will only look at those ICTs and eLearning methodologies that are new or in their infancy at MacKillop College. Further development of embedded ICTs within our curriculum will be left up to the particular Domains that are using them.


Each member ...
  1. has equal organisational rights on this wiki
  2. has a valued opinion
  3. must respect and value the comments made on this wiki as face-to-face discussion may not exist in its interpretation
  4. brainstorm ideas should not be judged
  5. concept ideas need discussion
  6. needs to regularly participate in this wiki
  7. must adhere to research principles whereby no staff / students names will appear on any commentary to protect identification of those individuals